iPhone 5: Big-Screen ‘Retina’ Display Said To Be On Its Way

The iPhone 4S came with Siri and the new iPad is compatible with 4G LTE networks. Now comes word that the next iPhone will not only come with those features, but will sport a super-sized 4.6-inch display.

Apple has already placed orders for the bigger screen the 4S screen is 3.5 inches diagonally, by comparison to its suppliers, Maeil Business Newspaper of South Korea, reported, as translated by Reuters. Not only that, it will feature the same HD "retina" display that the new iPad released earlier this month offers, unnamed sources told the Korean news outlet.

Apple, naturally, and its primary display suppliers had no comment for Reuters. Also a mystery is the next iPhone’s release date. Some evidence points to the company getting back on track with its summer launches, often coming in the weeks following its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Others believe the Silicon Valley giant won’t be on track to debut the new hardware until fall, one year after the launch of the 4S, which went on sale in October.

The iPhone 4S remains the globe’s hottest-selling smartphone five months after its entry into the market.

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