Apple’s iPhone Catches Fire in Hotel Room

Apple’s smartphone is a favorite companion for many people unless it combusts.

A Colorado woman who was travelling on the East Coast told Mashable she recently woke up in her hotel room to "sizzling" and "popping" noises before hearing "an immense crackling" as smoke permeated her room.

The culprit: a hellish iPhone 4 that had been plugged into an Apple charger on her nightstand.

"It was an awful, putrid smell, almost like you were ingesting plastic of some kind," the 51-year-old woman, who declined to reveal her name, told Mashable.

The woman purchased the phone about one year ago at an Apple store in Colorado.

She reportedly spilled the beans to the press because Apple refused to publicly acknowledge the incident to other iPhone owners.

Apple has given the woman another iPhone 4, although she had requested Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 4S, Mashable reported.

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