AT&T Reports Record Sales of New iPad

AT&T posted record sales of Apple’s new iPad during the first day that the tablet computer was available.

The company said it “set a new single-day record for its iPad sales and activations” on Friday.

Neither Apple nor AT&T, which is just one of the U.S. wireless carriers authorized to sell the device, have disclosed sales figures during the first week that the third-generation tablet was sold.

Analysts, though, expected enormous demand for the device.

Carl Howe, Yankee Group Research Vice President, predicted that Apple could sell as many as 2.5 million devices during the weekend of the iPad launch.

To put that in perspective, Apple may sell about half as many new iPads in its first weekend as all Kindle Fires sold to date,” Howe said in a statement.

Howe said current estimates for Kindle Fire sales are between 3.9 million and 5 million, although he cautioned that Amazon doesn’t release formal sales figures. The $199 Kindle Fire is viewed as one of the few devices that individually could cut into Apple’s vast share of the tablet market.

During Apple’s latest quarter ending Dec. 31, the consumer electronics giant sold 15.43 million units. Net sales of  theiPad and related products and services represented about 20 percent of Apple’s  total net sales during the quarter.

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