PowerNet Global To Overhaul Core Network

PowerNet Global, the Cincinnati-based business solutions and residential services provider, has completed an overhaul on its core network, including additions of state-of-the art equipment and features that the company says ensure a better customer experience.

The network upgrades include migrating to new Class 4 switches, upgraded POPs, wireless backhauls, Internet drains, routers, firewalls, session border controllers and more. PowerNet Global says the new equipment allows it to offer customers a faster network with more features, including high-quality routing, cleaner connections, more capacity for higher-volume traffic, greater redundancy to prevent outages and higher throughput. All updates are expected to improve the performance of many of the services the company offers, including all VoIP, WiMAX and data services.

New firewalls and Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) also mean more security for the network, which allows PowerNet Global to have more insight into their network, permitting increased monitoring and real-time reporting, the ability to reduce chances of fraud, and more redundancy to prevent outages, the company said.

"We invested a lot of time and money into our network to be able to provide our customers with the highest level of service possible," said President & CEO Bernie Stevens. "Not only will the upgrades improve our current services … but theyll also allow us to grow our business with newer and more advanced services."

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