Masergy Introduces Network Security Solution

Masergy on Tuesday introduced a network-based security and content control solution.

The Intelligent Internet Management (IIM) solution provides enterprises on Masergy’s global network with detailed application control, proactive Web traffic monitoring and improved firewall features, according to the company.

Masergy said its IIM solution simplifies network security, optimizes bandwidth and cuts costs by embedding the solution in the cloud; the solution also provides hosted services that improve network visibility and application control, according to the company.

The Internet is an essential part of business communications, but it must be carefully managed. If it is not effectively managed, employee productivity, data integrity and company profitability can be adversely affected,” said John Dumbleton, senior vice president of business development at Masergy, in a statement. With Intelligent Internet Management, companies go beyond typical network firewalls to gain more explicit control over application access and Web traffic, while optimizing bandwidth and maximizing application performance.”

Other features of the solution include the following:

  • Proactive maintenance in Masergys POPs to ensure network reliability and security.
  • Simplified ability to add new sites or upgrade bandwidth for added flexibility.
  • Granular filter and application control to easily adapt to changing company needs.
  • Detailed reporting to enhance network analysis and meet compliance requirements.
  • IPsec and SSL VPNs for business continuity and remote access.
  • User-friendly interface to promote efficiency and productivity.
  • Continuous, behind-the-scenes database updates to keep security services current.

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