McGraw Touts New Bounty for Partners

New York-based CLEC McGraw Communications is offering a bounty on its voice, data and IP services as it seeks to serve as agents’ shelter from the economic storm.

In a press release this week, McGraw said its new plan awards up to 100 percent of committed revenue in addition to monthly residual commissions. McGraw did not respond to interview requests for details about its requirements from partners, the program’s structure or how agents qualify for the full 100-percent bounty.

Nonetheless, the provider did address how it can afford to pay the bounty.

“We don’t have any outside investors, nor do we have any long-term debt,” said Frank Ahearn, CEO of McGraw, in a prepared statement. “We continually invest in new technologies, support systems, products and personnel, but we do it with our own profits in a manageable way. We’re in business to succeed long-term. We are not looking to produce big numbers to impress outside investors.”

McGraw was founded in 1995. Since that time, it has watched a number of other competitive service providers rise and fall  most recently in an economy that has spurred several rivals to restructure their channel programs.

“We’re talking to a lot of agents who are understandably concerned and looking for a new home,” said John Cunningham, president of McGraw, in a press release. “That’s why we’re rolling out this program. It’s an invitation to every agent that’s concerned about the financial, organizational or back-office stability of any of their providers to contact us, learn what we’re about and potentially jumpstart a new partnership with a lucrative windfall.”

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