Level 3 Wants to Expand Relations With Systems Integrators

Level 3 Communications, the global network services provider whose customers range from large businesses to television networks, is seeking to expand relationships with systems integrators as the company homes in on enterprises.

“We are seeking to expand our indirect sales channel to include expanded relationships with systems integrators,” Level 3 said in an annual filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

“We are looking to apply this expanded relationship to both large and mid-market enterprise customers,” added the company, which purchased its competitor Global Crossing last year.

Level 3 said its indirect sales channel includes a network of agent partners as well as systems integrators from time to time.

A spokesperson for Level 3 said Wednesday that the executive who could elaborate on the company’s statements regarding systems integrators was out of the country and not available for an interview.

Colorado-based Level 3 serves a wide range of customers around the world, including large enterprise businesses, international carriers, large Internet service providers and broadcasters, among others. In its 10-K filing, Level 3 defines large enterprise customers as “the roughly 1,000 largest enterprise customers.” Midmarket enterprise customers, Level 3 explained in the regulatory filing, include “medium enterprises generally outside the Fortune 300, regional service providers, certain academic institutions and state and local governments.”

Combined, large enterprise and federal customers as well as midmarket customers were responsible for $1.25 billion of Level’s total $3.02 billion in 2011 core network services revenues. Large enterprise and federal customers made up $605 million in 2011 core network services revenues at Level 3 while midmarket customers comprised $640 million in such sales.

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