AT&T Workers Rally as Union Contract Set to Expire

AT&T workers are back to the negotiating table with a new round of bargaining.

A year-and-a-half after leaving their previous negotiations, AT&T workers are rallying in New Haven, Conn., about their new contracts as the Communications Workers of America contract with AT&T expires, said a report by News 8. The CWA contract expires on April 7.

Employees are still reeling from the last round of contract negotiations, not least of all because of the increase in their health-care costs.

“I have never been hit so hard financially in my pocket since the last contract when the company making billions of dollars is saying they can’t afford to pay for our medical,” said Maryann Flood, an AT&T employee, according to News 8.

AT&T stands behind the cuts, saying that the company is still among the most generous in the country.

“AT&T health-care plans for wireline union employees remain among the most generous and highly subsidized in the U.S,” said Marty Richter, a spokesman for AT&T, in the report. “These employees pay nearly 65 percent less for health care than the national average.”

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