Lightyear Pushes Local Dial Tone Sales

In the era of cloud services, Lightyear Network Solutions is pushing local dial tone, hoping agents will recognize the allure of a well-priced POTS product combined with efficient back-office systems and support.

Through April, Lightyear will issue an up-front bonus, plus the recurring commission it already pays, on sales of its nationwide POTS consolidation product. To be sure, Lightyear has provided local dial tone for years. What’s different, the company says, is that it has spent the last two years fine-tuning its systems and processes to support its partners and end users. The promotional incentive is intended to highlight those changes.

Putting resources behind dial tone may seem counter-intuitive until you consider that not all businesses have joined the IP revolution; a number of enterprises — in particular, those with multiple locations — continue to rely on POTS services, according to Lightyear. "POTS consolidation is still very viable, particularly in the 10-line and below market, which comprises a high percentage of the multi-location opportunities," said Sean Lloyd, vice president of sales for Lightyear.

Citing unattributed statistics, Lightyear said POTS has maintained its grasp on the majority of the market, while VoIP and cloud have yet to attain that level of adoption. And, Lloyd said, even as next-gen technologies gain pace, businesses will hold on to one or two POTS lines per location, as a back-up protection. This, times hundreds or thousands of locations, adds up, Lloyd said. "For partners, even a single POTS line per location for the largest accounts…can produce tens of thousands of dollars a month in recurring compensation." Rumors of POTS’ death, he noted, have been "grossly exaggerated."

Lightyear’s partner support includes around-the-clock customer service, and real-time account maintenance and reporting. The CLEC also offers wireless, IP and cloud services.

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