T-Mobile USA Workers ‘Mistreated’ in ‘Hostile’ Work Environment

Twelve Deutsche Telekom workers and a member of Germany’s Bundestag will visit the U.S. next week to draw attention to what they call “hostile working conditions for T-Mobile employees in the United States.”

The group says DT workers in Germany are treated more fairly than at T-Mobile USA, the Bellevue, Wash.-based DT subsidiary. In Germany, workers sit on the company board and are free to form a union, which gives them “a meaningful voice in the workplace.” But the group claims efforts to organize at T-Mobile USA are met with hostility and threats.

T-Mobile did not immediately respond to our requests for comment on the allegations.

The group plans to meet with union leaders and call-center employees during their visit, as well as with officials at the German embassy in Washington, D.C., where they will urge the German government which is part owner of DT to do something about the “mistreatment” of workers at T-Mobile USA. 

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