Government Documents Reveal Humanity of Apple’s Jobs

Government documents reveal that a man revered for helping to create one of the world’s most successful and iconic companies was not infallible.

Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs was simply human.

FBI documents released Thursday disclose details that depict an ambitious individual who experimented with illegal drugs, had a child out of wedlock and faced questions concerning his morality and integrity.

One interview subject “characterized Mr. Jobs as an honest and trustworthy individual,” according to the documents. However, this same individual questioned Jobs’ “moral character” and explained that he hadn’t received stock that would have made him extremely wealthy.

Another witness said Jobs had used marijuana and LSD while they were in college.

Two individuals who were acquainted with Jobs while working at Apple “stated that he is strongwilled, stubborn, hardworking and driven, which is why they believe he is so successful.”

Twenty-nine other people, including Jobs’ colleagues, neighbors, references, professional associates and social acquaintances, “provided favorable comments concerning Mr. Jobs’ character, associates, reputation, and loyalty.”

The documents related to a background check on Jobs, who was being considered in the early 90s for a presidential post under George H.W. Bush.

Jobs died last year at age 56 after battling cancer.

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