Mitel Certified as Nationwide CLEC

Mitel NetSolutions, Mitel Network Corp.’s service provider division, has been certified as a CLEC in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, enabling it to offer traditional voice and data telecommunications services nationwide.

Mitel NetSolutions has been a registered CLEC in many markets, primarily the largest MSAs, for about 17 years. Mitel acquired the telco business in 2007 when it purchased Inter-Tel. The move to complete the regulatory filings was driven by the launch of Mitel AnyWare cloud-based UC service, which it offers nationwide.

"We have taken the approach of filing for and receiving the full CLEC certification in all markets as opposed to flying under the regulatory radar as a VoIP provider (as many small hosted providers do) because we understand and are willing to execute upon the expectations of our targeted enterprise customers," Jon Brinton, president of NetSolutions, told Channel Partners.

So, in addition to the hosted UC service, Mitel NetSolutions provides businesses with PSTN services that include T1, long-distance and PRIs plus IP services like SIP trunking, data and Internet connectivity along with network management and monitoring services.

"Whether customers require cutting-edge SIP trunking solutions, PRIs or other more traditional communications service provider offerings, Mitel NetSolutions is uniquely able to deliver a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the needs of its customers, regardless of where they may be geographically located in the U.S.," Briton noted in a press statement.

In addition to its broadened CLEC status, Mitel NetSolutions announced updates to its AnyWare hosted cloud-based communications service, including mobile integration.     Mobile wireless integration provides users the ability to integrate their office phonea and their mobile devicea to provide a single number, single voicemail unification of the desktop phones and the mobile devices when combined with Mitel Mobile service from NetSolutions. Mitel Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator operating on the Sprint network.

Laith Zalzalah, director of carrier and hosted solutions at Mitel, explained that the offer is different from mobile twinning or simultaneous ring, in that the mobile device becomes a true extension of the PBX, enabling call transfer, conferencing and hold. This functionality must be enabled in the mobile switch by associating the mobile device with the customer’s hosted UC instance, he explained.

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