Digium Introduces New Line of High-Def IP Phones

Digium on Wednesday introduced a new family of high-definition IP phones.

The devices are the first phones that are engineered to fully take advantage of Asterisk, the open-source communications software, and Switchvox, Digium’s unified communications system, according to the company. 

Digium has released three models and plans to make the phones generally available in late April. The company said the devices include an app engine with a JavaScript API that permits programmers to create custom applications running on the phones.

“We have a community of more than 80,000 users and developers who create amazing things with Asterisk,” said Mark Spencer, founder and chief technology officer of Digium, in a statement. “As usual, we’re enabling developers to create solutions limited only by their imaginations.”

The phones range in price from a low of $129 to a high of $279.

The D40, with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $129, is an entry-level HD IP phone with 2-line keys. A higher-end model, the D50 (MSRP: $179), includes 4-line keys and 10 rapid dial/busy lamp field keys with a printable paper label strip for the user’s most important contacts. Digium said the D50 is tailored for individuals who spend significant time on the phone. An executive-level HD IP phone, the D70 (MSRP: $279) features 6-line keys and 10 rapid dial/busy lamp field keys as well as real-time status information displayed on an additional LCD screen.

One person who has used Digium’s new phones said it doesn’t take forever to install and provision the devices.

“Digium has delivered phones that simplify the most time-consuming portion of a system deployment  installation and provisioning,” said Chris Green of BEMA Information Technologies, in a statement. ”The phones automatically locate the server and assign the correct users, making our deployments faster than ever before.”

Digium provides Asterisk software, telephony hardware and Switchvox business phone systems for businesses. The company also is the creator of the Asterisk project, which it claims is the most widely used open source communications software in the world.

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