iPhone 4S So Popular, Rivals Won’t Launch New Phones

As sales of Apple’s iPhone 4S remain strong, don’t expect to see a lot of major new smartphones from other manufacturers this quarter.

That’s what handset supply-chain manufacturers in Taiwan are telling DigiTimes, which says the likes of Samsung, Nokia, LG and HTC are all putting off some of their big new smartphone releases until April or later so as not to compete with Apple so directly.

Analyst firm Canalys just last week released figures that showed Apple shipped 37 million iPhones in Q4 2011, not only breaking its old mark, but beating Nokia’s all-time record of 28.3 million in Q4 2010. Most of Apple’s shipments and sales last quarter were the iPhone 4S, which made its debut in October.

The new report says while new models might not go on sale until at least April, the handset manufacturers will use Mobile World Congress late next month to introduce some of their new models.

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