Toddler Has Expensive Taste in Apps

A 20-month-old Oklahoma girl has been dubbed the "techy toddler" after using her mom’s iPhone to buy $200 worth of apps from the Apple App Store.

And they weren’t just any apps. It turns out that little London Hall has a penchant for the glamorous since she only bought two each one cost $100. Come on, London, with so many free apps out there, couldn’t you be more frugal?

London’s parents had different takes on the issue. Her mom was stunned, telling KTUL-TV that she wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. But you could see Dad swelling up with pride, telling the reporter, "You have to be impressed with her ability to problem-solve …"

Apple wound up removing the charges from the Halls’ account, but not until after the parents contacted the developers, one of which was in Denmark.

Just wait until little London hits the "terrible twos."

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