Siri Takes Apple’s iPhone 4S to New Customer-Satisfaction Heights

iPhone 4S owners are slightly more satisfied with their smartphone than proprietors of Apple’s predecessor smartphone, the iPhone 4, according to a November survey by ChangeWave Research.

The survey of 215 iPhone 4S owners found that 77 percent of respondents were “very satisfied” with their gadget while 19 percent said they were “somewhat satisfied.” By comparison, in a July 2010 survey, 72 percent of iPhone 4 owners expressed that they were “very satisfied” with their phone while 21 percent were “somewhat satisfied.”

Apple’s new Siri Digital Assistant  a voice recognition technology  ranked as the most popular iPhone 4S feature ChangeWave asked owners what they liked most about their new smartphone. General ease of use ranked second followed by the 8 megapixel camera with LED flash.

As for iPhone 4S dislikes, battery life and a lack of 4G ranked the highest by respondents, ChangeWave reported. Thirty-eight percent of owners said the battery life was too short while 30 percent noted they dislike the lack of 4G wireless capabilities.

The survey also found the overall dropped-call rate reported by iPhone 4S owners (2.5% percent) was half as much as the rate reported by iPhone 4 owners (5.2 percent) in ChangeWave’s previous survey.

“In sum, the lower dropped call rate for the iPhone 4S in the current survey appears primarily attributable to owners now using multiple wireless service providers  as opposed to only using AT&T back in the July 2010 survey,” reported ChangeWave Research, a division of The 451 Group.


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