iPhone 4S: Possible ‘Design Flaw’ Causes Activation Problems

Some iPhone 4S users are apparently facing problems activating the device if their SIM card is in the slot.

A group called Woo Servers has suggested that a design flaw with the SIM card tray is causing the glitch and recommends fixing the problem with a piece of tape, Mobiledia reported.

The glitch is just the latest to impact Apple’s newest iPhone, which has faced customer grievances over such components as battery performance and the Siri speech recognition technology. In a post Sunday on an iPhone 4S forum, one person wrote that Siri had been down for three days.

"I WAS using it for work with fantastic results along with my iPad 2 … but this is not am [sic] good start too [sic] my Apple experience," wrote a person under the name pjklondon.

As for the latest problem related to the SIM card, it’s unknown whether Woo Servers’ tape suggestion will do the trick. Mobiledia indicated that users could try some other troubleshooting techniques: restarting the device to fix the problem at least temporarily or restoring the phone in iTunes.


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