iPhone 5: Apple’s Rumored Specs Back On the Table for 2012?

With the iPhone 4S breaking sales records, attention is already turning to what changes will be made when the iPhone 5 or whatever it will be called is released, likely next summer or fall.

If the new device looks anything like it was supposed to look like this year, then iPhone fans might be in for quite a treat. We say “supposed to” because Apple was planning to release a full-blown iPhone 5 a device with major design changes until Steve Jobs put the kibosh on it. That’s according to what a source told Business Insider after supposedly getting his hands on a prototype of the smartphone.

Of course, what was unveiled just a few weeks ago was the iPhone 4S, which offered a handful of worthy upgrades to 2010’s iPhone 4, but failed to impress some of Apple’s staunchest critics who were disappointed. So what happened on the path to the iPhone 5? The Business Insider source says Steve Jobs wasn’t happy with the screen size 4 inches diagonal which would’ve made it look too different from the existing iPhone line. Jobs reportedly was concerned that changing the style that significantly might create an identity problem; take Android, for example, which has many different-looking devices from many different manufacturers. Keeping the screen size the same would presumably keep you from mistaking the iPhone for any other device.

Other iPhone 5 specs reportedly included: a “squished, flatter” screen; colors beyond the traditional black and more recent white; aluminum backs; better on-screen colors; and a 10MP camera.

So the question now becomes, since Jobs is no longer with us, will Tim Cook and the rest of the top dogs at Apple share his concerns? Or will they move forward with these design plans? Of course, we should keep in mind that these specs haven’t been confirmed by Apple.

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