iPhone 4S Better than Apple’s Predecessor But Loses to Samsung Galaxy S II

The iPhone 4S is an improvement from its predecessor, Consumer Reports said this week, but Apple’s smartphone still didn’t beat certain Android-powered phones in ratings.

In special reception tests of the iPhone 4S, Consumer Reports found that the device did not display the same reception flaw  a loss of signal strength when a person touches a spot on the lower left side of the device while the person is located in an area with a weak signal  as the iPhone 4.

“Overall, the new iPhone 4S scores higher in the Ratings than the iPhone 4,” wrote Mike Gikas of Consumer News, “thanks to such enhancements as an upgraded camera, a faster “dual-core” processor, and the addition of the intruiging Siri voice-activated feature, which accepts and responds to verbal commands in a conversational manner, using a synthetic-sounding female voice.”

Still, certain phones powered by Google’s Android operating system earned higher ratings, including the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Motorola Droid Bionic and a number of devices that feature larger displays than the iPhone 4S and operate on faster 4G networks, Gikas said. Other phones that scored higher than Apple’s beloved smartphone included the 3D-powered LG Thrill and Motorola Droid Bionic, which Consumer Reports lauds for its keypad readability under most lighting conditions.

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