iPhone 4S: Apple Complaint Forum Lit Up by Battery Gripes

Remember “Antennagate,” the controversy that briefly brought Apple to its knees when the iPhone 4 made its debut in 2010? Well, the Silicon Valley giant seems to have one of nearly equal proportions involving the newly introduced iPhone 4S.

As of this post, there are 189 pages on Apple’s support-community forum dedicated to concerns and complaints from iPhone 4S users who say the battery in their new phone isn’t even lasting as long as Kim Kardashian’s marriage.

  • “Have gone from 100% battery to 70% in 5.5 hours. So approximately 6% loss per hour,” writes Thom_D.
  • Alicefromalexandria isn’t having any better luck: “So, I came to the office today at 8 am. By 3 pm, my phone was so dead I can’t even turn it on. I have turned off ALL location services and mail is manual only. I haven’t made one call or sent any texts or emails. I have not used video or any apps.”
  • “Apple!!! I want my iPhone to be fixed!!!! It is my first Apple product and i’m very disappointed! Where is that 200 hours in standby you announced??” writes ifan_boy.

Apple isn’t talking about the issue just yet but it’s always interesting to see it emerge from these customer flare-ups unscathed and remain one of the most-loved companies in the world. “Antennagate,” the scandal that briefly rocked Steve Jobs’ world in 2010, brought forth just as many customer complaints, but after days of no response, Jobs basically waved his hand, said it wasn’t a big deal, and made it go away. (You may remember Apple gave away free plastic cases to go around the outside of the phones to help keep the call-dropping “death grip” from being a significant factor any longer.)

But now that Jobs has died and is no longer in charge, will people be as forgiving of this radio silence? Time will tell, but here’s betting Apple will find a way to put this issue far behind it in the rearview mirror as well. iPhone 5, anyone?

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