BlackBerry Owners Ditch Handsets for Apple’s iPhone 4S

When handset manufacturers around the world learned Apple wouldnt be releasing a full-blown iPhone 5 this month, they probably breathed a sigh of relief. But that sigh turned into one of despair when Apple and its wireless partners posted record sales in the days following the release of the iPhone 4S.

None seems to be taking a harder hit than BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion, which already has seen its smartphone market share take a dive in the last several quarters. Gazelle, a company that buys consumers used phones, said this week that it set a record for BlackBerry trade-ins earlier this month prior to the iPhone 4S coming out. Then that number jumped again last week after the 4Ss debut, up 80 percent, Mobiledia reported. And it should come as no surprise, based on big iPhone 4S sales, that the number of old iPhone trade-ins jumped significantly as well.

RIMs global service outage earlier this month couldnt have come at a worse time. It made it easier for those already thinking about switching to the iPhone to take the leap. And for those more interested in an Android device, several manufacturers have released (or plan to release) speedy LTE options over the past couple of months.

RIM hasnt seen a lot of success with its BlackBerry 7 operating system thus far, and its BBX OS which wont make its debut until sometime next year is already being criticized as lack[ing] action and substance.”

Short of something revolutionary, its hard to imagine that those BlackBerry owners trading their phones in today will be back with the company anytime soon, if ever.


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