PeerPort Integrates HD Video Conferencing

PeerPort, A+ Conferencing and Digital Samba have integrated HD video conferencing into PeerPorts suite of virtual collaboration services. The companies say the move allows organizations and business professionals to work together more effectively.

PeerPort, which sells unified communications and collaboration solutions through agents, is a cloud-based offering that the company says is an alternative to traditional UC platforms. Features include unlimited audio, video and Web conferencing; messaging; chat, calendaring; action-item tracking; document management and storage.

PeerPort says it fosters team collaboration across the entire communications spectrum, enabling the exchange of information in non real-time, near real-time and real-time. The services are provided within the context of private communities essentially self-organized, secure environments which host both members and their own content. Each community can accommodate community members regardless of their location, company or education affiliation, and membership in a community can easily be modified to reflect the ever-changing composition of a team, the company said.

By extending PeerPort to include video conferencing without the need for special software or equipment, weve brought UC&C to the masses. Its truly UC&C for everyone, as opposed to only those with deep pockets,” said Ed Chatlos, CEO of PeerPort.

PeerPort customers can now enjoy unlimited video conferencing for a fraction of the cost of competitive offerings, while simultaneously taking advantage of a powerful set of tools which greatly increase the effectiveness of virtual collaboration,” said Mike Burns, president of A+ Conferencing.

A+ Conferencing is a distributor of conferencing and communications solutions. Digital Samba offers video conferencing server solutions.

For a limited time, PeerPort will cost $99 a month for unlimited access by up to 10 users, any six of whom may access multi-way video conferencing simultaneously. All 10 can view a single persons video transmission. For schools or companies requiring a PeerPort Community for up to 50 users, the cost is only $375 per month. Additional pricing tiers and advanced services are also available.

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