Enterprises Join BlackBerry Exodus

Market-share reports over the past year have shown that smartphone users are leaving BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion for the iPhone and alternatives from Android manufacturers. But a new study shows the enterprise space, long a safe haven for RIM, is letting go of its BlackBerry addiction as well.

Enterprise Management Associates just released a survey that found 30 percent of BlackBerry users in large enterprises (10,000 employees or more) have plans to make the switch to something else in the next 12 months. While RIMs large-enterprise market share still stands at a dominant 52 percent, EMA says you can expect to see that drop significantly assuming its survey respondents move forward with their plans.

The survey results came as a surprise to the researcher, which didnt even take into account last weeks big BlackBerry service outage that affected people around the world.

"We expected to see some market share loss by RIM, but these results were far more dramatic than we could have anticipated," said Steve Brasen, EMA’s managing research director. "Both enterprises and employees indicated they were broadly abandoning BlackBerry devices for primarily Android and iOS platforms, and this data was collected before the recent BlackBerry service failures, which can be expected to even further accelerate migration."

EMAs survey says just 16 percent of enterprise users are completely satisfied” with their BlackBerrys. iPhone customer-service marks usually show that 80-90 percent are either completely or mostly satisfied with their devices.

Among all consumers, comScore numbers for the months June-August show Android and Apple continued their growth in the U.S. smartphone space, while the percentage of BlackBerrys is still falling. Android rose from 38.1 percent share to 43.7 percent in the last quarter of the researchers study. Apple had modest growth from 26.6 to 27.3 percent, not bad for just offering one phone. RIM fell from 24.7 to 19.7 percent.


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