Toshiba Dealers Now Can Sell Integras SIP Trunking

Authorized Toshiba dealers now can sell Integra Telecoms SIP trunking services.

Thats because Toshibas Strata CIX IP business phone systems and Integras SIP trunking have been certified as interoperable. The certification covers all of the Strata CIX IP phone systems, including the CIX40, CIX100, CIX200, CIX670 and CIX1200 models. Integras SIP trunking puts voice and data on the same pipe and maximizes capacity through compression methods that place more calls over that same bandwidth.

For Integra, the certification expands its channel partner reach, allowing it to gain a greater foothold among enterprise users. For Toshiba, the interoperability provides another service provider option for customers.

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