iPhone 5 Announcement Date Revealed

With the release of the iPhone 5 likely less than a month away, look for a big announcement from Apple in just a couple of weeks.

While most speculation regarding a release date has centered around Oct. 15, the official announcement, according to what sources close to the situation” told AllThingsD, will come when Apple hosts a media event on Tuesday, Oct. 4. The site says new CEO Tim Cook who took over for Steve Jobs when he stepped down from the role last month will lead the presentation.

Specifics of the event remain a mystery, as Apple, per usual, has been mum. There is plenty of talk that the Silicon Valley giant might announce two new iPhones next month one being a full-blown iPhone 5 and another being a souped-up, less expensive iPhone 4 that could be a hit in emerging markets particularly China and for those who want an iPhone but dont want to pay full price for the very latest technology.

An analyst suggested earlier this week that a simultaneous iPad 3 announcement seems unlikely because lousy competition in the tablet space doesnt warrant it.

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