iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 Upgrade Seem Likely Next Month

Its becoming more apparent that Apple will roll out two new versions of its iconic iPhone in just weeks.

The two-new-iPhone bandwagon is getting larger, with another analyst on board. Next month, Apple will not only debut a brand-spankin new iPhone 5, but an improved iPhone 4 as well, predicts J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, as quoted by CNET.

As far as specs go, Moskowitz believes the iPhone 5 will be a world phone that is GSM and CMDA-capable (note no mention of 4G). He also expects it to be thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4. The second device, which hes calling the 4+, will have some minor improvements [and] could target the midrange and focus on China.”

This isnt the first time weve heard talk of two new iPhones showing up this fall. Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore said earlier this summer that two new iPhones were on the way, calling the midrange device the iPhone 4S.” Whatever the name, Apple could make a killing on a less expensive device in emerging markets and for those who arent obsessed with having the most up-to-date technology.

Oct. 15 is the potential release date getting the most attention right now, but Apple has not confirmed it.

As for iPad 3 rumors, Moskowitz says not to bet on it by yearend because competition from RIM, Motorola and others has been lackluster, creating no urgency for Apple to update its tablet.

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