Telarus Feeds Agents Leads In Their Local Markets

Master agency Telarus Inc. this week took the wraps off the new lead-generation program it has created for its agents. The platform will help Telarus partners pursue commercial telecom sales opportunities in their local markets.

The Telarus Lead Program offers SalesWire, which supplies instant notifications of moves, funding and so on, at a discount; it also comes with SalesConnect , which provides access to the data on the top 500 companies in agents respective markets, at no extra cost. The Telarus Lead Program is powered by Iridium Information Resources, a sales intelligence firm.

“Helping our agent partners find new leads has been in our company’s DNA since day one,” said Patrick Oborn, vice president of marketing for Telarus. “We are excited that we have been able to work with Iridium to tailor a program specific to commercial telecom so that our agents can receive leads for a deeply discounted price.”

Iridium’s SalesWire system tracks millions of businesses nationwide, providing real-time updates on office moves, newly signed lease agreements for office space, new construction, expanding workforces and new capital investments. When Iridium’s systems detect new activity, an email goes to the participating Telarus agents in that market so they know a telecom sales opportunity has just surfaced.

“In business, timing is everything,” added Robert Butler, vice president of sales for Telarus. “Up until now, Telarus’ lead generation strategy has focused on bringing the client to the agent. But now, thanks to Iridium, our agents can be proactive and very targeted in their lead development.”

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