iPhone 5 Line Begins Outside Apple Store

One man who apparently adores Apples iPhone is taking his obsession to another stratosphere: camping near an Apple store in London in anticipation of the next version of the device.

I am camping out on the streets of London for the launch of the Iphone 5 in a marketing and pr experiment,” wrote Rob Shoesmith, who promotes iPhone applications for a company called MEDL Mobile, in a blog. There is one rule! I cant spend any money on anything I take with me. Im asking for companies to donate products and services to test out whilst Im there. Can you help?”

Shoesmith might be camping for a while a long while.

Although analysts have speculated that Apple could launch an iPhone 5 in the late summer or fall, Apple has stuck to its modus operandi by remaining silent.

My longest camping trip to date was a pitiful 3 days!” Shoesmith wrote on another blog site dedicated to his PR adventure. So how on earth am I going to manage potentially weeks of inner city camping? I will need your help!”

Shoesmith, The Los Angeles Times reported, has camped outside the Covent Garden Apple store in London. Apparently, companies find his experiment worthwhile. Dominos Pizza, Skype, Cadbury, Mountain Dew, Kenneth Cole, Weight Watchers and Gillette all have signed on to send free products or sponsor his stay in some fashion, according to the Times.

The camping trip could do wonders for MEDL Mobile, which appears to be milking the publicity stunt on its Twitter page.

Im in the LA Times!!!” Shoesmith tweeted about eight hours ago.


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