Sprint, Verizon Winners in Customer Service Survey

Sprint and Verizon Wireless scored high marks in a mobile phone customer service survey, beating out AT&T and T-Mobile USA.

Vocal Laboratories Inc. (Vocalabs) found in telephone interviews that almost two-thirds (66 percent) of Verizon customers were very satisfied” following customer service calls with the nations largest wireless operator.

A significant 64 percent of Sprint customers reported the same level of satisfaction.

Only 56 percent of AT&T customers noted they were very satisfied” while 60 percent of T-Mobile USA subscribers gave their mobile operator the top rating.

Vocalabs said Sprint made headway last year, moving from the bottom of its rankings in 2009 to tying with Verizon on many significant metrics. But such gains appeared to have leveled off this year since many of Sprints scores in the June quarter are unchanged or slightly below the data from the end of last year.

Sprint succeeded in turning around what had been lackluster customer service performance in our survey, and it is paying dividends,” Vocalabs CEO Peter Leppik said in a statement. Over the past year, our survey shows overall customer satisfaction with Sprint up eight points, and leading among the four national mobile phone companies. Now the company needs to maintain and extend those gains, and not slide back to where it was two years ago.”

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