iPhone 5 Launch Later Than Expected Reports

So much for those reports that the next-generation iPhone would be released the week of Labor Day.

Two new reports indicate that consumers hungry for new iPhone hardware wont be able to get their hands on the latest edition of Apples iconic device in the first two weeks of September, as most so-called experts have previously predicted. Tech site Gizmodo has posted a tip from someone who claims to be an AT&T employee, saying vacation requests for the end of septmber will be denied due to an event blackout.”

And if that isnt depressing enough for people who are chomping at the bit to get the iPhone 5, another report out today puts the kibosh on a September release at all. A source tells All Things D that the email to Gizmodo is unrelated to the next iPhone. The source says we wont see a new device until sometime in October.

Apple has been quiet thus far about the iPhone 5. Some analysts have speculated that if we see new hardware this fall, it wont be a full-blown iPhone 5 just a less expensive iPhone 4, with some upgrades under the hood. Others say it will in fact be the iPhone 5, with everything from NFC technology to 4G LTE capabilities to a higher-res camera to a curved design similar to the iPod nano. In other words, it could come with just about anything. And others think well see both smartphone options.

It would be nice to see Apple knock our socks off with something unpredicted. Android phone manufacturers have delivered a handful of phones and tablets this year that are compatible with Verizons 4G LTE network. At the least, Apple needs to keep pace by launching a 4G iPhone that’s Verizon-iPhone compatible, and possibly the LTE network that AT&T is rolling out to major markets this fall.

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