Android Dominates Global Smartphone Market Share

New research shows the Android juggernaut has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

In terms of smartphone shipments, Android now has 48 percent of global market share, according to a new report from Canalys. Thats based on estimates from the second quarter of 2011, which also shows Android to be tops among shipments to 35 of the 56 countries tracked by the analyst firm. Googles operating system is up a mind-boggling 379 percent over one year ago to nearly 52 million shipments, the study says.

But dont assume that means Apples iPhone is struggling. More than 20 million iPhones were shipped last quarter, and Apple passed Nokia for second place in market share, with 19 percent. The iPhone beat out every other individual phone; Android, of course, dominates in part because there are so many Android-based options out there, compared to just one device from Apple. Samsung was tops among Android vendors.

The iPhone has been a phenomenal success story for Apple and a watershed product for the market,” said Canalys VP and Principal Analyst Chris Jones. Its an impressive success story, given that Apple has only been in the smart phone market for four years. With the next-generation iPhone anticipated in Q3, its likely that Apples position will grow even stronger in the second half of the year.”

Despite much-ballyhooed reports of its demise, BlackBerry-maker RIM isnt dead yet, the research shows, even though its share fell from 33 percent this time last year to just 12 percent in Q2 2011. While its U.S. market share. In particular, is diving, there are other parts of the world where its still on the rise.

Its easy to be negative about BlackBerry in the US, but its important to remember that in other markets, particularly emerging markets, it continues to see significant interest and uptake of its devices, for example in Indonesia and South Africa where it is the leading smart phone vendor,” said Jones. Nonetheless, it must continue to innovative and recapture lost momentum. Its critical that the next-generation BlackBerry OS 7-based products launch ahead of the upcoming holiday season to compete in the market.”

Overall, manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up with demand for smartphones. Canalys says the market grew 73 percent year over year, with nearly 108 million units shipped last quarter.

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