T-Mobile Touts Affordability of New Plans

T-Mobile USA has announced new Value” plans that will be available on Sunday.

The company revealed that it will offer customers new affordable voice and unlimited data packages and the option to pay an upfront downpayment on a new device with interest-free monthly payments.

T-Mobile USA asserts that the new packages could save consumers more than $800 annually over comparable postpaid family plans for smartphones offered by its competitors, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless.

Available with a two-year contract, the plans offer single-line and multiline options with various price points for talk, unlimited text and unlimited data, revealed T-Mobile USA, which has been struggling in recent quarters to retain its contract customers.

T-Mobiles new Value family plan with unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data featuring 2 GB of high-speed data costs $49.99 per line for two lines. Compare that price to T-Mobile unlimited family plan, which costs $69.99 per line for two lines.

The Value plans feature 2 GB, 5 GB or 10 GB of high-speed data. If a customer exceeds that data allotment, they will not be charged data overages but rather will experience EDGE/2G-like speeds, according to T-Mobile. Such benefits also are available on T-Mobiles current plans. 

When customers consume 2 GB/5 GB/10 GB of high-speed data on a handset in a given bill cycle, they will receive a free text message from T-Mobile advising them they have exceeded that monthly threshold,” explained a T-Mobile spokesperson. They will then have the option to change their data plan or continue using their current plan with reduced data speeds for the remainder of the month.”

T-Mobile also is giving customers the option to purchase a new device by making a downpayment and then paying it off over 20 months with interest-free payments. The downpayment for a device is generally around the net subsidized cost of the phone, and monthly payments range from $3 per month (LG GS170, for example) to $15 per month (HTC Sensation 4G, for instance).

Bellevue, Wash.-based T-Mobile plans to introduce new Value plans for small business customers this summer. The company said additional details will be available in the coming weeks.

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