News Of the World Hiring Again? Your Family Might Be Qualified

If youre not a celebrity, or a terrorism or murder victim, you can probably feel comfortable that the now-defunct News of the World didnt hack your phone. But it turns out you should probably be much more concerned about the people close to you snooping into your communications.

More than one-third of people admit that theyve secretly checked or would check a loved ones email or call history. Thats just one of several surprising findings in a new survey from Retrevo. Who needs to worry about Big Brother when your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is checking up on whom youre corresponding with?

Just a year ago, the number of people who said they secretly checked the email or history of someone theyre dating was 23 percent a large enough number. But now its up to 33 percent.

People are actively using GPS to track the comings and goings of family members also. Women are slightly more likely (33 percent) than men (31 percent) to track their partner on a mobile device.

Kids, watch out. Nearly two-thirds of moms say they have (or would) secretly track their kids using their mobile device. Dads werent quite as bad 53 percent. (However, if you subscribe to this type of behavior as responsible parenting, bad” might not be the right word.) Of course, since most kids are more tech-savvy than their parents, they probably already know youre snooping.

The study points out how, as Congress works to develop laws that prevent companies like Apple and Google from invading your privacy, maybe you should look to someone closer as a bigger threat to your privacy. The full report can be found here.

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