$9 iPhone: Clue to iPhone 5 Release?

If youve always wanted a high-end smartphone, but havent felt the urge to spend a couple hundred dollars, this is your chance as long as you dont mind a used model.

Apple has started selling its iconic iPhone for just $9; this is the third-generation device, the 3G S. And keep in mind, this is the price for a refurbished phone. Nonetheless, $9 the lowest non-promotional price ever for an iPhone is tough to beat. Youll still have to sign a two-year service agreement.

More important to most potential buyers is the question this raises: Is this a sign the next-generation iPhone is on its way soon? Most so-called experts are predicting an announcement in August that the iPhone 5 or, at the least, a less expensive, upgraded version of the fourth-generation device (or both) will go on sale later this summer or in early fall. Some are speculating that the new, bargain-basement price for the refurbished 3G S means that this older version is on its way out, clearly paving the way for a new model.

Last year, when Apple debuted the iPhone 4, the 3G S price immediately dropped to $99. So if you dont want to pay full price, but still want a new phone that isnt gently used,” it might be worth waiting. We can only assume the iPhone 4 price will be slashed in half once a new model is introduced.

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