States, Justice Dept. Subpoena Sprint in Connection with AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

The U.S. Department of Justices Antitrust Division and attorneys general in nine states have issued subpoenas and civil investigation demands to Sprint in connection with AT&Ts pending $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA, Sprint disclosed last month in a filing with the Federal Communications Commission.

The civil investigation demands require that Sprint provide full, unredacted copies of all materials that it has submitted to the Commission regarding the proposed transaction, including its Petition to Deny, Reply Comments and all accompanying declarations,” wrote attorneys for Sprint, which competes with AT&T and T-Mobile USA.  

The states that issued the subpoenas and demands include Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington.

Sprints counsel wrote they intended to disclose the information by July 6 if the FCC did not notify the lawyers of the agencys intent to oppose or otherwise address production of the requested materials.

Sprint has strongly opposed the merger between AT&T and T-Mobile USA.

On July 7, Sprint executives and its outside counsel met with FCC officials to discuss the merger, distributing information in support of their view that T-Mobile USA remains a significant national competitor, Sprint disclosed through its outside attorneys in a letter dated Monday.

Sprints representatives asserted AT&Ts acquisition of T-Mobile USA will produce no discernable public interest benefits, and they urged the FCC during the meeting to reject the deal, according to the letter.

The merger would make AT&T the largest wireless provider in the United States, surpassing Verizon Wireless and extending its lead over Sprint.

AT&T has rejected criticism that the deal will remove a major competitor from the U.S. wireless market.

T-Mobile USA, the nations fourth-largest wireless carrier, has been struggling over the last few years, AT&T and T-Mobile USAs parent, Deutsche Telekom, have pointed out in statements filed with regulators and made on Capitol Hill.

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