Americans Not Worried About Cell-Phone Cancer Risk

Despite a recently released study from the World Health Organization concerning a possible link between extensive cell-phone use and cancer, dont expect to see Americans dialing” back their addictions to their devices.

Eighty percent of U.S. consumers surveyed in a new TNS poll said they are aware of the study, but only 20 percent plan to change their behavior.

The survey asked people to identify which behaviors they were most likely to adapt in light of knowing about the WHO report. Only 8 percent said they would decrease the overall usage of their cell phones. Just 8 percent said they were now considering the purchase of a hands free device. For those who already have a hands-free device, only 17 percent said knowing about the study is encouraging them to use it more often. An overwhelming 70 percent said they wont change their cell-phone behavior at all.

“The high degree of awareness about the recent news and relatively low rates of change in behavior really demonstrate the ubiquity of mobile usage and its importance in daily life, said Charles White, SVP, TNS.

Clearly, people are going to need to see more evidence of a link before they change the way they use cell phones.

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