iPhone 5: Late Summer Launch Looking More Likely

Another couple of clues back up what weve been hearing for the last few weeks the launch of the iPhone 5 could happen before the summer is out.

The updated hardware has reportedly hit the final testing stage and Apple execs have gotten their hands on the new device thats according to Apple-loving tech site, 9to5Mac, which cites its insider, Chronic, whos a previously accurate source.” (Hopefully he hasnt been smoking the Chronic.) September, the site says, is when consumers will be able to buy the new iPhone.

Another detail involves FaceTime, Apples video chat service. The site says Apple and Verizon have yet to come to terms on making FaceTime available to run over Verizons 3G network. Also of note, 9to5Mac says, is that the iPhone 5 will feature the same 5MP sensor thats on the iPhone 4, a disappointment to some who were expecting 8MP.

While multiple reports have had Apple releasing the iPhone 5 anywhere from June of this year to summer 2012, a September 2011 launch makes the most sense. The company can hardly afford to wait for more super-fast Android offerings to hit the market. The question remains if the iPhone 5 which most people are calling the iPhone 4S will be compatible with new LTE networks offered by Verizon and AT&T. Most signs point to no. While that wont make Apple nation happy, the iPhone 5 is expected to get some updates under the hood, including a faster processor. Another report has the new phone coming with a curved-glass display.

Apple typically announces iPhone hardware updates at its Worldwide Developers Conference, choosing to pass on that this year and showcase its new iCloud service instead. September is when iPods usually get their upgrades, so look for a two-fer product announcement from Apple then.

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