Digium Adds FMC to Switchvox

Digium Inc. introduced Monday a new version of its Switchvox unified communications solution that allows small and medium business users the ability to integrate any phone VoIP, digital, analog, deskphone, hotel phone, smartphone or  softphone  with their Switchvox extension.

Switchvox 5.0 allows users to select up to six phones of any type to link to their Switchvox extension without requiring them to download a client. An IVR-like in-call menu enables user to use the keypad to transfer phones to other phones (e.g. from mobile to desktop) or to other Switchvox users and also to initiate call recording. Only the user can hear the menu options initiated by pressing **.

Presence is maintained no matter what type of phone you are using,” said Tristan Barnum, product line director for Switchvox, explaining that this enables co-workers to know when their colleagues are on a call.

Switchvox 5.0 is based on Asterisk, Digiums open-source platform, also includes more APIs to third-party business applications, such as CRM, customer support, accounting and ERP systems, exposing more Switchvox features to these other applications. Integrations with, Sugar CRM and Google Maps are available as is access to the Asterisk Exchange, which promotes integrations that have been developed by other companies in the open-source community, said Angie Reed, Switchvox product marketing manager.

In addition to fixed mobile convergence features, Switchvox 5.0 also got a face lift. After eight years the GUI has been revamped using newer technologies, Reed said, explaining that it now loads faster and includes new capabilities, such as enabling permissions for large groups of users. A minimalist mode” is available for developers and others who prefer a more scaled back view.

Switchvox 5.0 also includes more detailed reporting for calls and call queues, and detailed online support.

Current Switchvox SMB customers can access Switchvox 5.0 directly through their unit at no additional charge. For new Switchvox SMB customers, pricing starts at $3,195 for up to 30 users.

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