BlackBerry PlayBook 2 Could Sport 10-Inch Screen, Other Improvements

Just a few weeks after releasing the original PlayBook, RIM is reportedly hard at work making improvements to its first entry in the tablet computer market.

The biggest news is that the PlayBook will be upgraded from a 7-inch screen to a 10-inch screen. Thats the first of several changes that sources mentioned to tech site N4BB. Others include an option to buy either a black or a white model; a slot for a SIM card; and a thinner frame around the screen. There wont be a 3G version of the PlayBook 2, the site says only 4G/Wi-Fi. And critical to smartphone users: Youll no longer need BlackBerry Bridge.

RIM felt it needed to rush the PlayBook to market earlier this year in order to keep from being left behind in the tablet space. In doing so, the company made some mistakes. If these upgrades do indeed come to light, RIM should be able to be more competitive. Considering the original PlayBook sold as well or better than many analysts expected, its hard to say RIM made the wrong move. Sure, its a long way from catching Apples iPad, but so far it seems to be doing decently, particularly in the enterprise market where RIM historically markets its products heavily.

Theres no word yet on a release date for the PlayBook 2, except that it might arrive before the end of the year.

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