Alliance Seeks Independent Telecom Pros

The National Association for Independent Telecom Professionals (NAITP) announced Wednesday its public launch as a new organization offering professional, lifestyle and health benefits to independent contractors, solopreneurs” and small businesses in the telecom industry. 

The association provides discounts and savings on everyday purchases for business and lifestyle products and services as well as offering insurance and financial products and services relating to health, life, income protection/disability, plus investment products and retirement planning.

NAITP is based in Charleston, S.C., and offers membership and services throughout the United States. The group has been in operation since May 1.

NAITP is the brainchild of Ryan Layne, a successful telecom and tech business owner, who is the associations founder and president.

Like many telecom professionals, I got into the business because of the potential for good money and flexible hours in a rapidly growing industry built on exciting technology. Yet all that independence came with a price,” Layne said, noting his No. 1 challenge was a lack of corporate-style benefits and support.

Layne seeks to solve this problem for other technology business owners through NAITP. Most people simply do not have the time or expertise to do the necessary research,” he said, and when they do they find that experts” dont understand the business of the independent telecom professional and make generic recommendations. It dawned on me that providing other contractors, solopreneurs and small business owners with the education, products and services would be a real service.” 

Layne has enlisted business partner and friend Anne Newell, who is an experienced management consultant with expertise in nonprofit, to assist him with building the association. Newell serves as NAITPs vice president. The core team also includes Web designer Jamie Gilleland and a list of mentors, strategic partners and vendors. NAITP is planning to add an advisory board and executive board. 

We believe that being in business for yourself is the best way to own your life and live on your terms,” Layne said. At the same time, we also know that it takes tremendous dedication and energy to be successful on your own. The benefits, concepts, and strategies that are offered through the association are critical components of success, and are strategically devoted to ensuring independent professionals and small business owners have the same opportunities and services available to them as bigger companies and their employees would.” 

To deliver its services NAITP is using a concierge approach. Each new member will receive a personal call from an NAITP Benefits Coordinator who will review the benefits and help them craft a personal plan that addresses their specific needs.

We have simplified the process of identifying their true needs and desires so we can customize a plan to help them achieve their own goals,” Layne said. Our members can then focus on building their business and can know that they are getting the best selection of products and services to accomplish their goals, while still having the flexibility to choose and/or elect the benefits and the providers that they want.”

Membership is open to independent sales and service professionals in wireless, VoIP, satellite and security systems as well as to Web designers, software and app developers, Internet marketers and others.

Dues are $15 per month or $160 per year, which includes both embedded benefits and access to additional benefits. Currently the association is running an introductory offer to prospective charter members for $12 per month or $120 per year. Charter member prices are locked at the charter rate.

NAITP is reaching out to independent professionals, agents and small business owners using print and digital media as well as social networking. In addition, it has benefit coordinators covering each state that will perform individual outreach.

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