Bully Verizon Bills Dead Woman for Services Never Rendered

It took months, but Verizon has finally erased a $110 bill it sent a dead woman for Internet services the carrier never rendered.

Verizon sent Betty Howard of Loma Linda, Calif., a bill for $110.80 in March after she missed some Internet service payments. There was a good reason for Howards failure to pay up she died of breast cancer in December. Howards daughter-in-law told the Los Angeles Times that shed been fighting Verizon for months before this final straw came in the mail.

"I don’t like bullies," Marilynn Loveless told the Times. "That’s what this seemed to be. They bully you and bully you until they get what they want."

Since Howard wasnt feeling well last year and was mostly confined to her home, Loveless tried to set her up with an Internet connection. It didnt work. A Verizon customer service representative told her she would need to sign up for a landline as well. When Loveless signed up for the whole kit n caboodle, she said there was still no Internet access. So it turns out, in addition to the post-mortem hassle, Howard never got the broadband connection her daughter-in-law ordered for her.

Verizon wound up cutting the bill in half, but then turned it over to a collections agency, long after Loveless told them her mother-in-law had passed.

Finally, this month, Verizon cleared the charges for the DSL line and apologized, but the carrier is still requiring payment of $43 for the service package Loveless ordered.

Just another nightmare that keeps the major carriers customer-service ratings low.

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