Android Dominates iPhone, BlackBerry in Market Share

More than one-third (37 percent) of Americans who have wireless phone service own a smartphone, according to new research from Nielsen.

Android is now by far the operating system of choice, with 36 percent of smartphone owners connected via Googles operating system. Apples iPhone has remained fairly consistent over the past few quarters, coming at 26 percent. RIMs BlackBerry whose market share Android has pilfered is third at 23 percent.

Microsofts old operating system Windows Mobile is a distant fourth, at just 9 percent. HPs webOS, Symbian, Windows Phone 7 and Palm OS make up the remaining 6 percent. Its interesting that Windows Phone 7 comes in so low 1 percent considering some predictions that have it becoming No. 2 by 2015 but theres plenty of time for its fortunes to improve.

The Nielsen study also found smartphone users are cuckoo for new apps. It found three of every four Android phone owners and four in five iPhone users have downloaded an app in the past month. Music is also pretty hot, with 43 percent of Android-ers streaming online music or listening to mobile radio in the past 30 days. Its 46 percent for iPhone-rs. And video continues its rise: 35 percent of Android owners and 37 percent of iPhone users have watched video or mobile TV on their devices in the past month.

Nielsen says Android users are bigger data hogs. A higher proportion of iPhone owners engage in app downloading, music streaming and video watching, but if you own an Android smartphone, youre consuming more data on average (582 MB per month vs. 492 MB for iPhone users).

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