Apple App Store Hits Milestone While Fending Off Android Market

Less than three years ago, most of us had never even heard of an app. Now, just about 1,000 days later, the Apple App store has reached an incredible milestone: 500,000 apps approved for its library.

Breaking down some of the numbers: About 86,000 developers have produced the half-million apps. Thirty-seven percent of the programs in Apples App Store are free, and $3.64 is the average price paid for an app. Games make up 15 percent of total apps. The stats were compiled by website 148apps, which closely monitors the wide, wild world of applications.

The site says youll actually only” find 400,000 apps offered in the U.S. store. Some were removed because they dont work with OS updates; others were removed after approval for violating Apples rules; others were abandoned by developers.

Apple is the leader in number of applications, but the Android Market is gaining quickly. Estimates put Androids number at about 300,000, and many expect it to pass Apple sometime this year.

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