iPhone 5: Cooler Design Could Be on the Way

iPhone customer-satisfaction rates typically hover in the 85-90 percent range, but theres always room for improvement, right?

While most forecasters have predicted very little change to the look of Apples fifth-generation iPhone rumored to be called the iPhone 4S were now hearing that a curved-glass display could be a possibility. Sources tell DigiTimes that Apple has bought between 200 and 300 glass-cutting machines that could be used to alter the face of the iPhone.

Apple is no stranger to the curved-glass model the companys been using it in its iPod nanos since 2008. There are also a handful of other smartphones on the market that use this type of display. The change would do little to functionality of the device, but if youre comparison shopping and aesthetics are important, curved-glass could give Apple an edge over some of its Android-based competitors.

Other than this possible change to the display, the other anticipated upgrades to the iPhone are under the hood, including what most experts expect will be a faster processor. The consensus is that the iPhone 5 will become available late summer or early fall, but some have predicted we might have to wait until early 2012 to see the new device.

Meantime, an explosion at a Foxconn factory in China that killed three people and injured another 15 is unlikely to delay production of iPads or iPhones this year. The chairman of the Apple manufacturers parent company told China Times that Foxconn will meet its third-quarter production deadlines.

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