Carousel Industries Debuts CAPS Platform

Carousel Industries today launched its CAPS (Carousel Applications Server) software platform, designed to enable rapid deployment of feature-rich IP telephony applications.

The inaugural bundle of applications within CAPS, which is targeted at Avaya enterprise environments across a wide range of vertical markets, includes features such as Click to Dial, Enhanced Caller ID and Push Messaging capabilities. The application platform runs on Microsoft Windows servers and is available exclusively through Carousel Industries.

“Our CAPS application platform is built on our many years of experience in implementing IP telephony solutions within a diverse range of customer sites,” said Matthew Zanni, director of Software Engineering at Carousel Industries. “CAPS includes core functions that will help drive efficiencies in just about any customer-driven organization. For example, the simple functionality of Click to Dial can minimize user error while increasing the time that CSRs are able to personally interact in real time with customers.”

CAPS includes a sophisticated administrative foundation which allows users to add or change preferences and add specific users and groups for targeted messaging. It also interfaces with popular social media platforms such as Facebook so users can import and integrate contacts from a range of sources.

Carousels CAPS application bundle, which is designed strictly for end-user environments, also includes a proxy layer that allows it to run seamlessly alongside Avaya technology. Currently, CAPS is designed to communicate with Avaya Application Enablement Server (AES), but the platform is customizable to work in just about any IP telephony environment depending on the customers need.

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