RIM Competitive with 250K PlayBooks Sold

BlackBerry PlayBook tablets are recording steady” sales, according to at least one analyst.

RBC analyst Mike Abramsky estimates that Research and Motion has sold 250,000 PlayBook tablets since the device was introduced in mid April and may sell 500,000 devices in the companys first quarter, Business Insider reported.

That forecast, if met, would exceed early sales of Motorolas Xoom tablet, the analyst said.

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada-based RIM recently confirmed plans to replace roughly 1,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets that faced a snag in the initial set up.

The tablets were shipped with an OS build that may result in the devices being unable to properly load software upon initial set-up,” RIM told Crackberry in a statement. The majority of the affected devices are still in the distribution channel and havent reached customers.”

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet  aimed first at enterprise users, but also targeted at the general consumer  went on sale last month, and despite less than spectacular reviews, beat some analysts expectations for projected first day sales. The company is marketing the devices as business-first, but RIM is also targeting the general public.

In other news this week, RIM and China Telecommunications Corp. announced plans to introduce BlackBerry services for small businesses in China. Monday the companies also said they are introducing the BlackBerry Bold 9650 smartphone.  And today, RIM announced that China Unicom will introduce the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution, including the BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry Curve 3G smartphones.

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