U.S. Government Agencies Desperately Seeking BC/DR Platforms

Several factors are emerging to make business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) an ever-more important initiative for U.S. government agencies. First, there are an increasing number of cyber attacks hitting U.S. government networks. Second, more organizational functions depend on advanced IT. Finally, new technologies are pressuring U.S. federal IT managers to review their BC/DR practices and tools. The good news is, channel partners targeting that vertical market are in a perfect position to prosper from such demand.

New statistics from Market Research Media support that view. The research firm says the market for BC/DR platforms for the U.S. federal government will reach $5 billion in 2015, for a compound annual growth rate of about 14 percent. Those agencies want cloud and virtualization technologies with BC/DR functions, according to Market Research Media, as well as data storage and backup protections. The U.S. government also is increasingly interested in Software-as-a-Service, a prime feature of cloud products.

All of this adds up to great opportunity for communications agents, dealers and VARs specializing in the cloud, virtualization and BC/DR. Such channel partners also can best advise government agencies about how to shift from capex to opex reliance, another selling point for BC/DR platforms.

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