Mammoth Networks Expands Presence in Western U.S.

Its already been a big month for Wyoming-based Mammoth Networks, which has completed three additional core Points of Presence (POPs) in the western U.S.

Boise, Idaho; Phoenix; and Portland, Ore., are all new POPs for the company, which also wrapped upgrades in Albuquerque, N.M., and Eugene, Ore. This brings to 21 the companys total POPs. The three new ones are significant, the company says, because they allow Mammoth to expand support for Ethernet and TDM services to both metro and rural customers in those extended markets.

Rural connectivity always been a challenge and Mammoth considers itself to be a pioneer in this area due to its foresight to grow into a single-source wholesale data aggregator for its clients, acting as a one-stop shop for provisioning, billing and support in these environments.

The new POPs will serve as aggregation points for Mammoth, allowing the company to deliver services to service providers and ILEC clients throughout these three states. The three POPs will allow Mammoth to interface with four additional regional fiber providers, deepening Mammoth’s Ethernet reach.

"We had three contracts for services into the Portland POP by the time it was completed it is great." said Brian Worthen, CEO of Mammoth. "We started the Phoenix build with an anchor tenant and wound up expanding the POP there to support another Mammoth oartner by the time our equipment shipped."

Despite a rough economic climate in the past two years, Mammoth has also ventured east of the Mississippi, opening POPs in Atlanta and Chicago.

Mammoth Networks is a facilities-based aggregator of wholesale data services, providing service across the contiguous 48 states and Canada. Mammoth says it simplifies Wide Area Networking by consolidating multiple access technologies and carriers onto a single network, and delivering to its partners over a single interface.

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