Verizons Samsung DROID Charge Pending as LTE Glitch Is Now Fixed

We can finally look forward to Verizon Wireless second 4G smartphone now that the carrier has reportedly fixed glitches that knocked out its nascent LTE network.

The Samsung DROID Charge was scheduled to go on sale April 28, but that very same morning, Verizons LTE network suffered an outage that the company has been busy working to ensure wont happen again. Verizon Wireless chose to delay sales of the phone until everything was running smoothly again.

We have already made adjustments and we are confident we wont see it again,” Verizon Wireless executive Brian Higgins said at the Ericsson Business Innovation Forum Wednesday, according to GSMAs Mobile Business Briefing.

Analysts have bandied about a number of possible reasons for Verizons technical difficulties, but the company hasnt been specific about what caused the problem.

The Samsung Charge runs on Android 2.2, sports two cameras, and has a mobile hotspot that allows you to share a 4G connection with 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Its a little pricier than most high-end smartphones on the market itll set you back $300 when you sign a new, two-year service agreement. Theres still no updated release date from Verizon Wireless; the HTC ThunderBolt remains as the only 4G smartphone listed on its site.

At the end of last year, Verizons high-speed network reached 38 major metropolitan areas and about 60 commercial airports in the United States. The carrier plans to bring 4G LTE to an additional 140 markets by the end of 2011.

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