PAETEC Ups the Ante With 100mbps EoC

PAETEC Holding Corp. has seen a flurry of activity of late, breaking ground on a new data center in Iowa, opening a new office in San Francisco and, now, launching super-fast Ethernet over Copper (EoC).

On Tuesday, the New York-based competitive service provider said it has enabled its network to deliver 100mbps EoC at a fraction of the cost of SONET transport. PAETEC hopes to drive sales of its voice, data and cloud computing products.

Just as with any EoC speed, customer locations have to be qualified for the new EoC access, since EoC is limited by distance and copper-pipe quality. But PAETEC is emphasizing the 100mpbs EoC isnt just for retail users; the company said wholesale customers, too, can establish Ethernet network-to-network interfaces with PAETEC to reduce access charges traditionally paid to the ILECs and still reach more than 200,000 business buildings.

We are leading the way with one of the fastest offerings on the market,” said Clint Heiden, president of national accounts and fiber services for PAETEC. 

PAETEC installed Overture Networks equipment to enable its new 100mbps EoC.

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